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Our Team is Working Hard to Find Products and Services That Support The Whole You.

Our goal at Whole Person Health is to provide you with Personalized Education, Information, Advocacy and Support as you work hard to live your best life possible. We do this through our network of Trusted Partners, Supporters, and Value Added Organizations who are like minded in Supporting The Whole You.  

We have been told for years that the challenge we all face today, is finding that one single place where you can go to find the support you are looking for from credible trusted sources that places YOU at the center of everything they do.


That's were Whole Person Health comes in! Think of us as your personal concierge for easy to find Health Education and Information,  Support Products and Services, and Opportunities to find out about Paid Research Programs.

Our Team is always searching for and posting information on trusted sources of Information and Support.


So if you don't see what you are looking for, we invite you back as we post to this site often, and in some cases, daily.



Community Membership is FREE and has its Benefits


Members of Whole Person Health will receive personalized information, based on your member profile, which may be able to provide you with the ability to:


  • FIND OTHER organizations and resources who provide assistance and support for your health & Wellness needs  -  50 PLUS ORGANIZATIONS LISTED SO FAR AND MORE ADDED WEEKLY

  • ENTER To WIN an Amazon Gift Card. Drawings are Weekly and it's easy to enter

  • RECEIVE Compensation and Rewards for participating in short online surveys and research about health products and services

  • RECEIVE Health condition specific education and information


  • LEARN more about clinical trials which may be appropriate for you

  • LEARN about and enroll in health & wellness research studies

  • CONNECT online to other members for Inspiration, Motivation & Support pertaining the health and wellness journey

Membership in Whole Person Health is 100% FREE to join and your privacy is and will always be protected!

It is important to understand that we will not sell, barter or use your information in any way that is not consistent with our mission and values of placing you, your health and wellness as our top priority. 

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