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Your Whole Person Health Leadership Team

David S. Duplay, Founder and CEO

Over Dave’s 30 year healthcare career, he has led and advised several enterprise–wide transformation initiatives focused on enabling the company’s business model to adapt to changing healthcare market conditions and disruptive market forces. His years of working with global pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, research organizations and patient groups have provided Dave with a unique perspective that allows him to harmoniously blend all aspects of the healthcare delivery continuum. He has been recognized for his ability to raise visibility and bring new technology to the forefront while always maintaining a strong focus on Patients and Caregivers.  This combined with his successful background in sales and marketing has resulted in some of the most highly recognized, award-winning deliverables in the healthcare industry today.


Peter Umekubo, Chief Research Officer & Partner

Peter received his Master of Science degree in Biology from New York University’s Graduate School of Arts and Science and MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver. As a graduate research student, Peter’s primary research focused on defining the novel mechanisms of bacterial transposable elements. His work has been published in the peer-reviewed academic journal, Mobile DNA. His experience spans the pharmaceutical, medical device, medical food, dietary supplement, medical logistics, and healthcare not-for-profit industries. He has 15+ years of experience managing and conducting qualitative and quantitative market research across a wide range of therapeutic and business areas.

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