Dental & Vision Support 

Here you will find a list of organizations who provide some level of Dental & Vision Support for those in need.

Please be patient with us as we are searching for other organizations who provide this support. 

Please check back as we post information to this site often and in many cases daily to some of our pages.

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Dental Lifeline Network

A nonprofit dedicated to providing benefits programs such as access to dental care, Dental Lifeline Network offers help with dental costs through its state or nationwide dental programs. Most of their programs operate through a network of volunteer dentists and dental labs across the US. DENTAL SUPPORT FOR QUALIFIED SENIORS RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES ONLY. 


Located in all 50 states, iCanConnect provides training and equipment for senior citizens with significant hearing and vision loss. The program helps cover the cost of computers, braille displays, smartphones, tablets, and more. DENTAL AND VISION SUPPORT FOR QUALIFIED SENIORS RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES ONLY.